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Does anybody use 3dmax as his Game Editor? Help here.

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Hello, I have been reading an article on Gamasutra about using max as a Game Editor, and I´m really interested in the idea, because it can save lota of time, because it should be faster to write some 3d studio plugins than a level map editor from scratch. Right now, we´re writing an horizontal old school shooter (like rtype, etc... but in 3d), and I would like to load entities (enemies, etc...), apply paths to them, attach entities (in order to create dependencies), export scene information, add properties to the entities, etc... I mean, everything a 3d game editor should do but in max. I have written a max exporter, but don´t know what should I do next in order to achieve the features I exposed before. Could someone give me a piece of advice about this?. I have searching the net looking for info but could not find anything. Thanks in advance, HexDump.

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