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TreeView Control Questions

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Hi, ok, i''m working in, messing arround with a tree view control. A lot of stuff is added to the control, and if you want to add something to a node, you need its handle. (duh!) Nothing new here. Now, I have a few nodes who''s name is unique, lets say "Alpha01" for example. Is there a function that searches for nodes that have a certain name, and returns their handle? This would be great because it would solve a lot of problems for me... (ex: handle = TreeView_GetByName("Alpha01"); ) Another question I would like to place: can we store any information *in* a node, like a pointer for example? Imagining I have 2 "Chair" nodes placed in diferent parts of the tree, when i click one "chair", i would like a textbox to get filled with some information, like "price: $20", and something similar (but diferent) for the other chair, and all chairs actually. So if i could store a pointer inside the node structure i could use that pointer to retrieve a data structure (very similar to "SetWindowLong", for those of you that know it)... Thanks for any tips on this

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ok, ive figured out how to work with treeviews without mfc, using simple win32 api.

I''ll write some tut when i get the chance and post it up on my website, cause the information on this is super-scatered...

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