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How do you handle Dialogs?

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How do you handle diferent controls. Have you coded your own wrapper for these controls, your own "MFC"? My "most missed" feature is geting the information that was on the dialog *after* it got closed (ya, you can do this by very easy means, i would just like to come up with a solve-all aproach...) I would like to hear some "war" stories on this subject.

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I did indeed program my own wrapper, MFC-like.

But only as far as wrapping the single controls, i did not map edits or similar to variables directly. Thus, when i want to keep values from the controls i have to retrieve them one after another and put them somewhere.

Would be interesting to have some feature to autosave all the controls contents. Not impossible, just quite some hassle (imagine treectrls). Where to put the data?

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One could create a parser that would read the contents of .rc files under Visual Studio, and would parse it and draw the Dialog in runtime, and that would enable us to also add hooks to the controls, and create our own default control functions, and be able to overload those same control functions...

just a thought...

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