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OpenGL OpenGL - Paletted Textures

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Can anyone point me to some working code for this as I''m having a nightmare trying to get it working (my card does support the extension). I''ve trawled the net for hours searching for code but can''t find any. Ta in advance.

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You are:

my hero!

I''ve struggled for day (and days) to get a working example.

I''ve got a TNT2U at home which unfortunately doesn''t support paletted textures

However, I need to use them for a project at work using an ATI 3D Rage Pro with shag all texture memory

I''ll try out your code and let you know the results. It should be a vast improvement, as we''re currently using full RGB textures and don''t have enough memory available to hold them, so are currently texture thrashing like nobodys business.

Cheers again

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It's good to know someone finds it useful.

I'm doing a little consulting for a company who needed some OpenGL, paletted textures would have helped them hugely - but alas they were 'required' to use TNTs

Looks pretty interesting what you're doing there too


Mail me if you want the latest and (no doubt) greatest version. This code grows and evolves as requirements change. The latest version lets you specify a 'low quality' mode where RGB8 textures are up loaded at lower bit precision to save memory/speed up rendering.

Edited by - Pauly on July 14, 2000 11:25:07 AM

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