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DDraw Modes Enumeration problem

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Hi! , im trying to enumerate the supported modes on some ddraw device , im define my enumerate function in a class , like that:
class CEnumerate {
       static BOOL WINAPI DDEnumDevices(GUID FAR *lpGUID,
                                LPSTR lpDriverDescraption,
			        LPSTR lpDriverName,
			        LPVOID lpContext,
			        HMONITOR hm);

                           LPVOID  lpContext); // in this defintion the problem

       HRESULT EnumerateDevices(DD_DEVICE_INFO *DDDeviceInfo);

and i call to the "DDEnumModes" function with this command:

DDrawObj->EnumDisplayModes(0,NULL,(LPVOID) info,DDEnumModes);

now, when i trying to compile it , i get this error:

"C:\VSDXWLib\CEnum.cpp(53) : error C2664: 'EnumDisplayModes' : cannot convert parameter 4 from 'long (__stdcall CEnumerate::*)(struct _DDSURFACEDESC *,void *)' to 'long (__stdcall *)(struct _DDSURFACEDESC2 *,void *)'
        There is no context in which this conversion is possible"

somebody know's why? Edited by - Xeno on 7/13/00 3:11:17 PM Edited by - Xeno on 7/13/00 3:12:44 PM Edited by - Xeno on 7/13/00 3:13:37 PM Edited by - Xeno on 7/13/00 3:14:02 PM

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Try this declaration:

static HRESULT WINAPI DDEnumModes(LPDDSURFACEDESC2 lpDDSurfaceDesc, LPVOID lpContext);


Edited by - syzygy on July 13, 2000 12:15:09 AM

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Your DDEnumModes function needs to be static and you may have to cast away the namespace when you pass it into the function: e.g.




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