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Bsp Trees or Portals where to start?

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i have made a 3d engine, but now I want to add a "indoors" engine in it, I know some thoeory behind portal rendering and BSP trees but not enough to start coding with.. so before heading into a long web search for code I wanted to ask the experts first. Where can I find info about this: What is the theory nehind modern BSP trees per example what is a "brush"? (I have made some quake levels and I still dont know what that means) What is faster or easier to make a BSP or a Portal engine? How come BSP''s are supposed to be solid and inmovile and some games have moving parts, like doors or rotating floors? How do you check collisions against a bsp tree? Where can I find some good theory on this subjects, theres a lot of code but I can only find pretty basic theory.. any help will be most apreciated! thanks on advance!

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BSPs are generally very static, I''ve read that dynamic BSP trees are possible but I''ve never seen any examples of how to create them and I don''t believe it would be worth the trouble. After all, in most games the levels are fairly static, with only small parts moving.

Engines that contain moving doors/elevators/etc do not store these in the BSP tree for the level. Either they are stored as a ''regular'' 3d-object or they are stored as an individual BSP tree (i.e., not in the big BSP that makes up the rest of the level). From what I understand Quake uses small BSP trees for moving parts of the level and a big one for all the static geometry.

Hmm... Mostly ramblings, There are alot of good FAQs/tuts out there about BSPs and portals, thats how I''ve learned what (little) I know.....

Check out http://crystalspace.org for a working opensource portal renderer (It can use BSP trees too). It might give you some ideas...


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