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Where can i get Smacker SDK?

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Hi,everybody, I am doing something related with Smacker SDK, but i cannot offer to buy a copy because of its expensive price. I wish somebody can help me to tell me where i can download or mail me a copy of it,that will great help me,thank you in advance! my email address: CruiseKwan@elong.com Cruise Kwan Jul 14,2000

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For some reason, I can never figure out how people can be so stupid as to come to a board where most people are interested in making money buy writing software, and asking about how to acquire a pirated copy of someone else's software.

This kind of stuff just pisses me off. Tell me Kwan, are you young, or are you stupid? If you want to pirate software, go to some pirate board and ask there. Maybe we'll get lucky and someone will give you a copy infested with a virus that'll wipe your whole machine.

Oh, BTW, you might want to change you're email. I wonder if anyone from RAD Game Tools reads this board? I wouldn't be surprised.

Mark Fassett
Laughing Dragon Entertainment

PS: I don't mean to imply that young people as a rule do these things. However, there are young people that don't know any better because of inexperience or lack of proper instruction. There are older people who also fit that description. These people, I generally refer to as stupid, because they SHOULD know better.

Edited by - LaughingD on July 14, 2000 5:06:06 AM

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Nope... you can''t dload the SDK. You can download the video tools, but not the SDK.

Why bother anyway? Just because Blizzard uses them? Just download a free MPEG-II library!

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