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Half-Life DLLs (again :-)

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I recently asked how to compile the Half-Life DLLs with Watcom C++. Some one said I should just modify the makefiles so Watcom would be happy... ok I did, and everything compiled just nice. I was very happy, and when I discovered that the new DLLs had almost exactly the same size as the original, I was even more happy.. how cool. Then I started up half-life and my mod popped up in the list. I double clicked, and then a nasty dialog box appeared: "Unable to find DLL functions" (or similar) ARRGH!!!! I was ruined.... f*ck! I gave up doing half-life dlls. So then I tried to play a little around with DLLs. I did some DLLs which was quite nice. There was no problems using the DLL-functions through an import library... BUT when I tried to dynamically load the functions with LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress/etc when the Win32 stuff returned: Cannot find functions.... Then everything appeared very clear to me: AHA that was also why Half-Life was complaining... The point: Does anyone around know if there is any problems with Watcom DLLs?... and how to avoid these problems? thanks --------------------- Rasmus Neckelmann phudze.cjb.net

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