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Flicker during movement

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Hi... i''m creating a pub scene for my school project. i have problems with flickering when i use spotlights. when i move around the scene, certain objects will flicker (when I''m still its looks ok). How do I get rid of that flickering? When I use an ambient light throughout the whole room, it works fine. anyone can help? thanks in advance!

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flicker as in turn on and off? or as in something like tearing or some appearing in front?

In the above situations in order, the problems are usually:
a) More lights than your opengl implementation can handle. The minimum required (and guarenteed amount) is 8 lights
b) tearing usually happens for lots of reasons. vsync can help, as can using a full screen mode, double buffering and alot of other things
c) your depth buffer isn''t accurate enough. if you are using a range of 1 to 10000, but only need 1 to 100, then use 1 to 100.

Hope one of them covered what you meant by the flickering.

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that was a mega fast reply!

ok... i''ll explain myself a little bit more. i''m using a total of 5 lights, but the flickering occurs even if i just use 1 spotlight.

i don''t think its tearing, its just goes on and off.

i don''t really understand the depth buffer really... but is the value you refer to the one specified in the perspective declaration?


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