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3D object rotation / heading

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Ok. So, I''ve implemented objects in my raycasting engine! They work great, but now I want to extend them so that depending on the angle you are facing them and their angle (heading), you will see a different side of them. I don''t have too much memory (GBA), so I decided to go with only 4 directions (facing the player, facing the left, facing the right, and facing away from the player). I keep pointers to the images in the object''s sturcture in an array of 4 (for the 4 different directions). So, now I just need to find a way to be able to use the player''s angle and the objects angle together to get the correct direction the object should be facing. I tried this:
deltaHeading = ABS(playerAngle - pObj->angle) >> 10;
objectImage = pObj->images[deltaHeading];
However this didn''t seem to work right (by the way, my angle system is 4096 based, so each direction represents 90 degrees...thats the reason for the ">> 10"...dividing by 1024). I know I''m on the right track. Any ideas? Thanks!

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I would have thought the angle in which you are facing shouldn''t have any effect on the orientation of the object...

Call the vector O the orientation of the object,
point A is the position of the object and
point B is the position of the player...

so if you find the angle between O and A-B that will determine at what side the object should be showing... You''ll have to use a combination of cross product and dot product to get a range of 0 to 360 degrees...

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you abs an angle, that sounds bad

try deltaheading = (playerAngle - pObj->angle); // between -2048, +2048
if (deltaheading < 0) deltaheading += 4096; // make the angle between 0, +4096

Now, what happens if the angle is 4095. What you''ll get is 3, and you want 0 (it''s almost facing you). so you need an offset, so that

[3584, 511] => 0
[512, 1535] => 1
[1536, 2559] => 2
[2560, 3583] => 3

int deltaangle = playerAngle - pObj->angle; // between -2048, +2048

deltaheading = (deltaangle + 512); // between -2048, +2048, with 45 degree offset.
if (deltaheading < 0) deltaheading += 4096; // make the angle between 0, +4096

int index = deltaheading >> 10;

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hmmm.. I also seemed to forgot, if you add 512, the angle will exceed 4096 so you need to substract 4096 if the angle > 4096

int deltaangle = playerAngle - pObj->angle;
deltaheading = (deltaangle + 512);

if (deltaheading < 0)
deltaheading += 4096;
else if (deltaheading >= 4096)
deltaheading -= 4096;

int index = deltaheading >> 10;

[edited by - oliii on November 29, 2003 10:15:22 PM]

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