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Painting Units w/ ZOrder

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Hi there, I''ve got a question, I can paint and store lists of units etc, etc... but how do you know which ones to paint first? For example if you had 10 flying machines that could be at slightly different heights from the ground all flying in a group at the same target in an RTS. How do you know which one to paintfirst, or last, like on top? Is it just by fluke of creation. Or Like if you started a base (The first building being node 1 on the linked list) Then build 30 guys in a random order all of 3 types, so the list is not nesasarily perfect and then you want to have them painted properly, also let''s say they''re all humanoids, so they take up like 10x10 pixel on the ground but are tall and therefor are painted 40 pixels tall, now if they are grouped all together, you want to paint the back ones first moving towards the front so that they "overlap" the back ones with there height. Am I making any sense? How do you paint the units starting from the back and moving to the front, is what I''m trying to say, and what little "tricks" are used when storing the units to ensure an efficient method of zordering? Thanks, Ben P.S. I know I''m confusing so post any questions you want me to clarify.

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