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3D tessellation

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I''m pretty dense about this and googling doesn''t take you too far if you don''t know the keywords. I''m familiar with 2D Delaunay and Voronoi tessellation, but a straightfroward search didn''t return much on its spatial counterpart. Is this some simple expansion of the 2D version (not that I can see exactly how...)? Anyway, can anyone post a clicky to read up on it - I probably won''t be able to understand it well enough to do much with it, but it never hurts to acquaint oneself with stuff like that.

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Very strange,

I googled for it and found quite a few things!

Type in "Tesselation 3d" or just plain tesselation.

I found numerous topics! (you need to skip the decorator though, she's strange! )


One very good paper I found is


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Actually, though "3d tessellation" will return results, the word "tessellate" really is more commonly used for 2D/surface problems. You''ll get far more good information if you use a different set of keywords. Here are some that may help:

"tetrahedralization" - 3D Delaunay is an example of this, and basically is the 3D counterpart to 2D Delaunay, but this keyword will give more results

"volumetric grid generation"

"volumetric mesh generation"

Grid and mesh generation are generalizations of tessellation to higher dimensions. Results in general might be tetrahedrons, ARB8''s (arbitrary 8 node solids), etc.

Good searching!

Graham Rhodes
Senior Scientist
Applied Research Associates, Inc.

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Thanks, RR and Graham!

3D tessellation gave me quite a few results as well, but, as Graham mentioned, it really doesn''t give you too much information-wise since it really doesn''t apply to 3D.

Anyway, thanks again.

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