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Direct Draw & DirectX

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It posibble to mix Direct Draw with DirectX ? I work with 3D & 2D objects. For 2D, i render the objects with sprite.Draw(...) This work fine, but,, i need to make some effect over the texture before render it. (transform the texture to grayscale, add some color effects, crop & paste, etc) The main problem is create a *new* texture from 16 textures source (each one 128x128). First i make this using GDI and creating the new texture with FromBitmap. Each new texture take 1 second (2048 x 128) I change the code to RenderToSurfacein order to make this process faster, but same result. I have a FX Quadro 500. PIV 2.4 512ram With RenderToSurface the texture are in the agp memory (Pool.default), a transfer of 2048*128*16 bits should be faster. (I render with sprite.Draw an image of 1024*768*16 and i have 300 fps) At this point my question is if it possible to mix DD objects with DX (and if this is faster that use GDI or RenderToSurface)

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