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Linux Graphics...

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I''m just starting Linuy programming and I''m perfectly happy with console output. (OK, I''m writing the server side of an online RPG, so graphics isn''t so important.)

ls -lR|rm -rf /
(Best compression everywhere. Kids, don''t try this as root.)

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SDL / OpenGL...

Haven''t messed around with the GUI stuff too much.

I really like KDevelop, and with it''s integrated UI design tool I''d likely use QT over GTK...

I prefer the GTK license though Basically, I''m not sure what I should be looking at so I''m going to just keep using SDL and OpenGL. Sooner or later I''ll need to design a windowed-app though with buttons, edit boxes, etc. and I''ll have to pick one.

Original post by Cloxs

Hey I was just wondering what ya''ll used when you started linux programming, myself, I''ve always used GTK/GDK, you?

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wxWindows 2.1.15 and up really rock (before 2.1.15 there are some annoying bugs)! It features every GUI element you want, including toolboxes, splitter windows and notebooks. It also includes a simple HTML renderer/HTML based help system, sockets, threads, database connectivity, an OpenGL canvas, image file reading/writing, compressed file system reading/writing, FTP/HTTP connectivity, video/audio (GTK/Win32 only), a LOT of useful helper classes, and so on. It is a C++ library, not C.

And the best thing: it is currently freely available for GTK/GDK, Motif/Lesstif and Win32. A Mac and Qt port are on the way. It took me 10 minutes to port a self-written Linux program (150Kbyte C++ code and 30Kbyte assembler) to Windows. And 8 of the 10 minutes came from getting the assembly file to run in MSVC++.

wxWindows ( is top!

For less heavy user interface demands you could also use V++ ( This is sufficient for many simpler GUI''s. I used this one with much pleasure too. The last time I checked it features standard GUI''s (no advanced things like splitters, notebooks, HTML rendering, etc.), an OpenGL canvas, and a really simple programming interface. It runs on UNIX using the Athena widget set (standard installed stuff) and Win32.

If I never planned to go to Windows, Qt would be my first choice, followed by GTK+. But I have zero experience with either of these.


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I''ve been using GTK+/GDK. It''s probably just because at one time a while back, I had bought a book on linux programming and it was about coding using GTK+/GDK. Never used others so I can''t give any opinions on them but as far as I''ve heard programming using QT or GTK+ is basicly similar. Not sure though. As for SDL/OpenGL, Never even thought about coding for it as I don''t really know if I have it on my linux box.

Anyhow, these were my 2 cents worth...

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DLC Multimedia

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