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Program Input Tutorials/Help

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I'm wondering what the best route of getting user input to the program. I'm currently reading "Advanced 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0" by Peter Walsh and it talks about using Direct Input in chapter 3. I would use this, but the way he explains it is a bit confusing. I looked around but I couldn't find a good tutorial on this topic. I also was reading the book "Introduction to 3D Game Programming with DirectX 9.0" by Frank Luna, and though there was no mouse control in his examples, for keyboard input he uses GetAsyncKeyState, which I moderately understand after looking it up at msdn.microsoft.com. Can someone give me a link to a good tutorial on mouse/keyboard input to a game (using DirectInput if thats the best)? Thanks, Joshua Merchant "...the purpose of life is to end..."- Agent Smith, Matrix Revolutions "The only true cause of death is life."- Joshua Merchant, The Game of Life "...you're a navy pilot. Your job is to... eat jello"- Marine, Behind Enemy Lines Note: I'm using MSVC++ 6.0 with DirectX 9 [edited by - jtmerchant on December 1, 2003 3:24:07 AM]

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Here you will find something http://www.gamedev.net/reference/list.asp?categoryid=24#54
Goto Direct Input category

one more thing, from DX9 SDK :
Version 9.0 primarily includes compatibility improvements for DirectInput. There are no API changes.
so the last version for DInput is 8

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Supercool! I just finished Mason Smith''s article on keyboard input and I fully understand it! Logic at its best. Anyway, I''m about to read the mouse input article of his, and I must say I certainly reccomend his article on keyboard input for anyone else looking for an answer to their input problems.

Good luck everyone,
Joshua Merchant

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