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I need some help

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I was programming away and it was working fine, I went to the pause screen where It just blinks some text and waits for a key press. But when I hit escape to exit the program while inside the pause section it will close, then i hit the compile and execute button on the compiler and it will run back into pause instead of initializing the code like it should. I ''Esc'' out of that and it compile and execute again. But after doing it again, it give me an illegal error. I hit debug and it takes me to this:

if (lpdds->GetDC(&xdc)!=DD_OK)

what is going on? can i be helped with this little bit of information? My view on programming, what It means to me, what it meant to me. ~Squall012

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It sounds like your program didn''t exit... Check the taskbar before you try to compile and run again, to make sure it exited... Are you actually handling keypresses from the pause screen?

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Also consider that the specific line which you had listed might not be the problem.

Often times you can do something like this:

#include <stdio.h>

int main()
int number=5
printf("I am printing the number %i!",number);

Chances are, if you try to compile this, it will complain that the printf() line is bugged, when in reality it is because there was no ending semi-colon for the previous statement.

- Goblin
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