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A nice explaination about animation in games would be nice. Let''s say you have a dog sprite with 3 frames for walking and a cat sprite with 5 frames for jumping, how would you animate them both at the sametime on screen? Would be sprite need to have a function something the Animate()? if so how would it work? In the book "Windows Game Programming for Dummies", it mentioned a BOB or something like that. I couldn''t understand how it works. And about the GPDUMB engine, there was no codes for the functions to explain and give a little example. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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First start be maintaining a list of animations that are currently being displayed. Every program loop (this can't be event based unless you are using a timer) draw the next frame in the animations if the delay has reached 0. If you try to draw a new frame of the animation every program loop the animation will play too fast, so you will have to use delays.

for every program loop:
--- for every animation
------ if delay > 0 then delay--
------ if (delay == 0):
----------- animation_frame++;
----------- delay = 10 <---whatever the delay is
------ draw animation's current frame at x,y

hope this helped

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A BOB is something that the author of the book kind of made up basically.

He makes functions that basically do the Directx stuff for you for the most part.

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