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Hey, Well whenever I call CreateClipper I get an DERR_INVALIDOBJECT error. Could someone tell me whats wrong, here is the code for the create clipper:

LPDIRECTDRAWCLIPPER   lpddclipper; // Clipper LPRGNDATA             clipper; // Pointer to region data that contains header and clip list.       

ddrval = lpDD->CreateClipper(0, &lpddclipper, NULL); 	
//That is where I get the DERR_INVALIDOBJECT

clipper = (LPRGNDATA)malloc(sizeof(RGNDATAHEADER)+1*sizeof(RECT));	
clipper->rdh.dwSize = sizeof(RGNDATAHEADER);	
clipper->rdh.iType = RDH_RECTANGLES;	
clipper->rdh.nCount = 1;	
clipper->rdh.nCount = 1 * sizeof(RECT);	
clipper->rdh.rcBound.top = 0;MessageBox(hwnd, "no dude 1", "", MB_OK);	clipper->rdh.rcBound.left = 0;	
clipper->rdh.rcBound.right = 640;	
clipper->rdh.rcBound.bottom = 480;	
if(FAILED(lpddclipper->SetClipList(clipper, 0))) {		MessageBox(hwnd, "no dude 2", "", MB_OK);	}
if(FAILED(lpDDSBack->SetClipper(lpddclipper))) {		MessageBox(hwnd, "no dude 3", "", MB_OK);	}	free(clipper);        

Well if someone could help me I would like that, Thanks. James, Later

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