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question on bltting

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i have 2 questions here first question: my problem is i have this function that takes in a surface and parameters to blt from and to a surface my problem is that i cant get it to work properly. i have it set up so that the source x and y are cell cordinates like 0,0 is bitmap 1 in the top left corner and 1,0 would be the next each bitmap is seperated by a one pixel buffer but when i try the cordinates 1,0 it starts on the one pixel buffer and not the one after and i cant figure out how to correct this

int bltsurface(LPDIRECTDRAWSURFACE7 lpddstemp,int sx,int sy,int dx, int dy)
	RECT src_rect,dst_rect;
	src_rect.top	=	(sy*ddsd.dwHeight);
	src_rect.left	=	(sx*ddsd.dwWidth);
	src_rect.right	=	(sx*64)+63;
	src_rect.bottom	=	(sy*64)+63;

	dst_rect.top	=	dy;
	dst_rect.left	=	dx;
	dst_rect.right	=	dx+63;
	dst_rect.bottom	=	dy+63;

	//cx = cx*(ddsd.dwWidth+1) + 1;
	//cy = cy*(ddsd.dwHeight+1) + 1;

if (FAILED(lpddsback->Blt(&dst_rect,lpddstemp,&src_rect, DDBLT_WAIT,NULL)))
return 0;

return 1;


question 2

in my function here that reads in an array and draws bitmaps according to the array i cant get it to read in the array right how do i do this


int drawmap(void *parms)
int ar[4][4]=

for (x=0;x<4x++)
    for (y=0;y<4;y++)
     if (ar[x][y]=1)
        drawbitmap 1;

return 1;

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