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Directx Question:

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Hey, Well I have a clipper. Ok now lets say I have a resolution set to 640 x 480, and then I blt a background of 640 x 480, well that works, now I try to blt a sprite, using the Blt funtion not the Bltfast, the sprite is 100 x 100 big and I blt it at (620,410), That means that some of the sprite is off the screen, but the clipper should clip it like this right:

      |                       |
      |                       |
      |                       |
      |  primary suface       |
      |                       |
      |                -----------
      |                |      |  |
      |                |      |  |
      -----------------|-------  | <--- Sprite
                       |         | <---- This Should be clipped.

The sprite should be clipped by ther clipper where it is off the
 screen right? Well thats what I thought but when I blt using
 the Blt() funtion I get an DDERR_INVALIDRECT error. If I blt the
 sprite where its all on the screen im fine, but I want to
 create a tile map and if I dont have a clipper that will almost
 be impossible. 


Here is the source code I use to create the clipper and attach
 it to the flipping chane or in other words the back surface.


        LPDIRECTDRAWCLIPPER   lpddclipper; // DirectObject Clipper

        LPRGNDATA           clipper; // Rect and info about the clipper object

        if(FAILED(lpDD->CreateClipper(0, &lpddclipper, NULL))) {
		MessageBox(hwnd, "no dude 1", "", MB_OK);
	clipper = (LPRGNDATA)malloc(sizeof(RGNDATAHEADER)+1*sizeof(RECT));
	clipper->rdh.dwSize = sizeof(RGNDATAHEADER);
	clipper->rdh.iType = RDH_RECTANGLES;
	clipper->rdh.nCount = 1;
	clipper->rdh.nRgnSize = 1 * sizeof(RECT);	
	clipper->rdh.rcBound.top = 0;
	clipper->rdh.rcBound.left = 0;
	clipper->rdh.rcBound.right = 639;	
	clipper->rdh.rcBound.bottom = 479;	
	if(FAILED(lpddclipper->SetClipList(clipper, 0))) {	
		MessageBox(hwnd, "no dude 2", "", MB_OK);
	if(FAILED(lpDDSPrimary->SetClipper(lpddclipper))) {	
		MessageBox(hwnd, "no dude 3", "", MB_OK);


Now am I creating the clipper incorrect or attaching it to the 

surface wrong? I use the Blt not the Bltfast, so I know thats 

not the problem, here is my blting code so you can see:


        DDSURFACEDESC2       ddsd;
	DDSCAPS2             ddscaps;
	DDBLTFX             ddbltfx;
	HRESULT             ddrval;
	RECT                srcRect;
	RECT                destRect;
	char                buffer[256];

        srcRect.top = 20;
	srcRect.left = 20;
	srcRect.right = 70;
	srcRect.bottom = 70;

	destRect.top = ypos;
	destRect.left = xpos;
	destRect.right = xpos + 50 - 1;
	destRect.bottom = ypos + 50 - 1;

	ZeroMemory( &ddbltfx, sizeof( ddbltfx ) );
        ddbltfx.dwSize = sizeof( ddbltfx );

	ddrval = lpDDSBack->Blt(NULL, lpDDSOffTwo, NULL, DDBLT_WAIT , NULL);

	ddrval = lpDDSBack->Blt(&destRect, lpDDSOffOne, &srcRect, DDBLT_WAIT | DDBLT_KEYSRC , NULL);

Well if someone could tell me what im doing wrong I would like that, Thanks James, Later

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Does this also happen if it goes off of the primary surface on the upper left side or is it only the lower right side that causes the problem?

-> Briar LoDeran <-

Edited by - BriarLoDeran on July 17, 2000 12:23:07 PM

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You are creating your clipper the hard way.

This is the easy way:

    //Create the clipper for our window

if( FAILED( lpdd4->CreateClipper(0, &clipper, NULL)))
Error("Couldn''t create the clipper");

//Set the window the clipper shold be attached to

if( FAILED( clipper->SetHWnd(0, hwnd)))
Error("Couldn''t set the clipper to the window handle");

//Set the clipper to the primary surface

if( FAILED( lpddssecondary->SetClipper(clipper)))
Error("Couldn''t set the clipper to the primary surface");

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You could also adjust the SRC and DEST rectangles before blitting using Blt().

I don''t know which works faster; this probably depends on effectivity of the custom-clipper routine and the number of sprites to be clipped...

Greetings, CondorWitte.

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