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Managed DirectX Reference

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I'm looking for... basically an API reference manual for Managed DirectX (geared towards C#). Currently, the MSDN documentation has skeleton documentation. I'm not looking for any books for "how to use DirectX in C#", I simply want a reference manual for all of the classes, interfaces, methods, and detailed explanations of HOW TO USE THEM. "How the rendering pipeline works" isn't really what I'm after. I don't care whether it's buy-at-the-store books, web guides, "RTFM" (with a link, hopefully) or what. If there exists no such thing, I am considering putting together VS.Net compatible XML comment files for the .dlls as I learn how different parts of the system work (although this task is too huge for me alone). Example: Locking a vertex buffer. You can get an array or a GraphicsStream. What are the benefits of a stream? or an Array? What is the function expecting? What makes it crash? What is BAD? -- This kind of thing would save everyone so much time. [edited by - Nypyren on December 13, 2003 1:05:28 AM]

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