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Transfusion [DOWNLOAD]

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I think that may be the longest, most complicated back story for a tunnel shooter I''ve ever read . I like it though, and a well written story goes a long way with me for motivating a game. The game is fun too, but I have the following suggestions:

*Use tighter fitting collision geometry around the player ship. I''m guessing you''re using a sphere now? The walls had a way of pushing me around when I know I wasn''t near them, especially top to bottom.

*Sometimes it felt like the camera steered me into a wall, despite me steering the plane in the opposite direction.

*More explosions never hurt. Blowing up nanobots into triangles is pretty cool, but a billboarded texture of an actual ball of fire would go a long way toward creating the illusion of disintegrating your enemies into flaming ruin.

Cool game. I''m going to keep it and try to finish it.

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Thankyou for the positive reply Muse

The camera may take some getting used too, we didn''t want the camera fixed in the middle of the screen and felt that game had more movement being done the way it is.

The collision is a vectored range calculation (spherical) and has the effect of sliding you off to keep the gameplay moving fast rather than letting you rest facing a wall. This comes into it''s own beyond about level 35 and essential during the final death chase sequence.

We thought long and hard about explosions, we just couldn''t justify fireballs inside blood plasma, it didn''t seem right. That''s why we did the shattering instead.

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