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Realtime scattering (troubleshooting)

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I''ve attempted to impliment the solution of realtime atmospheric scattering by Hoffman & Preeham, and have been getting less than desireable results. I''m quite sure i''m missing some key points of their deriviation, and was wondering if anyone could clear a few things up for me. a) what is the scale values for the Rayleigh and MIE coefficients? MIE is very sensitive to what i set the Greenstien phase to, but the Rayleigh doesn''t seem to care about it. b) should my sun be represented in a vector of normalized direction? or a position? They discuss the term "SUN_DIR" rather than SUN_POS which makes me wonder what exactially they desire the output to be. I can modify the sun dir anyhow i''d like, and i end up getting odd artifacts. c) S, the distance to the camera, should be conputed after an MVP transformation of both the vertex, and the eye location, right? Looking over some of their notes, they would say otherwise. And after a multiplication by just the modelview matrix, isn''t the z value the distance from the camera anyhow? d) The theta angle we''re to derive, i''m still not sure if that''s the angle from the Camera to the sun? or the vertex to the sun? any help would be useful ~Main == Colt "MainRoach" McAnlis Programmer www.badheat.com/sinewave

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