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Maxscript: mapping coordinates

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Hi, I have done a script wich export the polygons of an editable poly of 3dsmax5.

export_filename = getSaveFileName caption:"Exporter TOGGS LERION" type:"Map (*.map)|*.map|"--All Files (*.*)|*.*|"

if export_filename != undefined then
	export_file = createfile export_filename
	--format "// TOGGS exported from 3DSMAX\n" to:export_file

	format "%" objects.count to:export_file
	--boucles sur les objets
	for obj in objects do
		a = polyOp.getNumFaces obj -- recupére le nombre de face de l'objet o
		format "\n%\n" obj.Name to:export_file 
		format "%" a to:export_file --affiche le nombre de faces de l'objet courant
		for i = 1 to a do -- boucle sur les faces de l'objet courant
			vertface = polyOp.getFaceVerts obj i
			format "\n" to:export_file
			format "% " (polyOp.getFaceNormal obj i).x to:export_file-- normale de la face n°i dans l'objet obj
			format "% " (polyOp.getFaceNormal obj i).y to:export_file
			format "% " (polyOp.getFaceNormal obj i).z to:export_file
			format "\n%" vertface.count to:export_file-- nombre de vertex dans la face			
			format "\n" to:export_file
				v[i] = vertface
				for u=1 to vertface.count do
					format "% " (obj.GetVertex v[i][u]).x to:export_file
					format "% " (obj.GetVertex v[i][u]).y to:export_file
					format "% " (obj.GetVertex v[i][u]).z to:export_file
But I need the vertex mapping coordinates and the UVW tile of the UVW mapping modifier I applied on the object. I don't know how to do. Any ideas or links ? Chuck. !o) [edited by - Chuck3d on December 15, 2003 2:02:48 PM]

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