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DirectPlay Game Invocation

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I have come across certain lobbying services like www.zone.com which have generic DirectPlay game lobbying. I presume that most (if not all) DP games are launched in the same standard way to enable these ''generic'' lobbies to function without having to know game specific code. I think it is something to do with the GUID for the game but just can''t find any good tutorials or examples to illustrate this in my looking so far. What I am trying to create is a lobby (external from a game) which will enable lobbying and matchmaking then will launch the game executable for play. I''m not sure how the information from the lobby will then be transferred into the game though. I basically need to be informed of how to go about this. If someone could post a code snippet or tell me the functions to investigate that would help me out greatly. Thanks in advance, Matt.

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Incase anyone is interested (doesn''t look like it due to no replies so far!), I came across the following which pretty much answers all my questions:


It''s amazing how you can miss things like that after hours of research! I''m downloading the SDK as I type so I''ll give it a go once it''s done.

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