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A good Mutex class

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I am having trouble writing a good Mutex class, due to the fact that I know not of an instruction in the x86 ISA to do a Mutex lock, and doing so is more than one instruction. What I am trying to do is illustrated here:

int _lock;


void lock(){while(_lock);_lock++;}
void unlock(){lock=0;}

That''s all, but the problem is with the lock function, without even breaking it down to assembly one can find a problem:
while(_lock)              _lock++; 
/*             ^                     ^ 
         Thread changes          Now two callers have the lock
          and Mutex is
Thanks, even just source code would be great ~SPH

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I think I''m going to break down and go with the windows synchronization functions, still if there is a solution to this I would love to see it .

Thanks again, ~SPH

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__asm {
mov ebx,lockcountptr
mov eax,1
; I think xchg automatically does a lock, but, just in case...
lock xchg [ebx],eax
test eax,eax
je locked
; Somehow call Windows Sleep(0);
jmp retry

;unlock just writes 0 to lockcount


// header
class E3DMutex
HANDLE mutex;


BOOL Obtain(DWORD timeout = INFINITE);
void Release();

// cpp
// Security is ignored on XBox, and must be NULL
#ifndef _XBOX
SECURITY_ATTRIBUTES g_Security = {12, 0, 1};
void *g_Security = NULL;

mutex = CreateMutex(&g_Security, FALSE, NULL);


BOOL E3DMutex::Obtain(DWORD timeout)
DWORD res;

res = WaitForSingleObject(mutex, timeout);
if (res == WAIT_OBJECT_0)
return TRUE;
return FALSE;

void E3DMutex::Release()

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I''m avoiding OS-Specific functions wherever possible, so that porting the project will be easier in the future.

But ''tis fine, I''ve got it working now and all is well, Thanks ~SPH

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