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DDS texture Loader

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Hi, im trying to make my own DDS texture loader in C(not c++) i have been working on it for a little to long with many of the same errors poping up again and again. If you would all be so kind as to direct me as to what portion of my loader is wrong.
static void InitalizeTextures(D3DPointers *data)
	D3DLOCKED_RECT pLockedRect;

	FILE *in;
	VOID *ImgDat;
	VOID *bla;
	VOID *Header;
	DWORD *Size;
	int read = 0;
	Header = malloc(sizeof(DWORD)*10);
	bla = malloc(sizeof(DWORD)*22);
	Size = malloc(2);

	ImgDat = malloc(262144);
	//MessageBox(data->hWnd,read ,in,0);

	read = fread(ImgDat,1, 262144, in);

	data->m_pD3DDevice->lpVtbl->CreateTexture(data->m_pD3DDevice,512,512,0,NULL, D3DFMT_DXT5, D3DPOOL_MANAGED, &data->TextureArray[0], NULL);
	data->TextureArray[0]->lpVtbl->LockRect(data->TextureArray[0],0,&pLockedRect, NULL, NULL);
	pLockedRect.pBits = ImgDat;
	//pLockedRect.Pitch = Size;


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First of all, I believe the DDS header is 128 bytes. (4 bytes of magic-number + 124 bytes for the DDSURFACEDESC2.) From what I can tell, you are only skipping 36 bytes (12+2+22) before you try to read your image data.

Secondly, you can''t just lock your surface and change the value of the pBits pointer. You have to actually copy your data. Something like memcpy(pBits, ImgDat, 262114) would work. Or you could read the data directly into your surface:

in = fopen(...);
fseek(in, 128, SEEK_CUR);
fread(pLockedRect->pBits, pLockedRect->Size, 1, in);


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thanks so much your posting allowed me to go back to an earlyer version and find out that the reason i was haveing trouble with it was i thought the magic number was 2 bytes i know i saw that in the Dx docs but i guess not. well thanks alot for you help and may all you debugging be short.

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