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What is _T ??

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Original post by huahsin68

I have a sample here: _T("XXX")

What is the purpose of _T ?
Is it a function?

Thank You @!

It''s a text macro which converts the following character or string to unicode if _UNICODE is defined.

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Unicode allows for any reasonable language to be encoded without mucking with string sizes or multi-byte business. Win2K/XP is Unicode natively (though the Win32 API provides ASCII calls, which usually convert to Unicode on entry). _T translates to L if _UNICODE is defined, or nothing if not. C/C++ spec provides that a string that looks like L"I am your daddy" is stored in Unicode-compatible format (16 bits per character).

Similarly, TCHAR is the macro''d version of CHAR/WCHAR. LPCTSTR is the macro''d version of LPCSTR or LPCWSTR.

People should get used to using Unicode. I''m not sure if it''ll ever overtake single-byte character strings, but it''s certainly can''t hurt.

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