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Direct Input and OpenWatcom Problems!

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Hi all!, I''m trying to add direct input functionality to my code using the OpenWatcom compiler, however I get a compilation error. Im just adding in the initial direct input object creation straight out of the DX 9 SDK, here is the code : // HINSTANCE g_hinst; // initialized earlier HRESULT hr; LPDIRECTINPUT8 g_lpDI; hr = DirectInput8Create(g_hinst, DIRECTINPUT_VERSION, IID_IDirectInput8, (void**)&g_lpDI, NULL); if FAILED(hr) { // DirectInput not available; take appropriate action } ...and I get the following error (I havn''t got the project in front of me but it''s close enough) : " Error - IID_IDirectInput8 is an undefined reference " I''ve included dinput.h correcly as far as Im aware and I link against dinput8.lib and dxguid.lib. I''ve compiled simple ddraw apps under openwatcom and they are fine so I assume the libs are compatible straight from the SDK. Im completely out of ideas on this one so if anyone can help...I would be SO grateful!! Thanks to anyone who replies! GCoder

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