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will there be a directX for Xbox ???

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TheTwistedOne    122
Erm. The XBox runs Win2000 (modified). Microsoft will support DirectX on it. Nothing else.

nVidia have intimated that they''ll provide a full OpenGL implementation for it themselves.

What made you think that the XBox won''t use DirectX as it''s one and only native rendering API? It''s a Microsoft product, running a Microsoft OS.

The SDK will, I expect, be a trimmed-down, performance-tuned version of the standard Win32 Platform SDK. Of course, I don''t know that for sure.

Expect it to cost a lot of money, and have several not-publically-documented-but-very-important differences, though.


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omegasyphon    100
xbox will use directx 8 also i do u think it would be wise after microsoft released the xbox that they sold there os for the xbox in parallel so consumers could buy it also.

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