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ZBuffer in class

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d:\dx\gameproject\main\c3dmesh.cpp(474) : error C2664: ''EnumZBufferFormats'' : cannot convert parameter 2 from ''long (struct _DDPIXELFORMAT *,void *)'' to ''long (__stdcall *)(struct _DDPIXELFORMAT *,void *)'' So my EnumZBufferFormats-function doesn''t work in my class. Why? It''s used in my D3D Initialize function like this: lpD3D->EnumZBufferFormats( IID_IDirect3DTnLHalDevice, EnumZBufferFormatsCallback, (VOID*)&m_ddpfZBuffer); Then I just use zbuf_flag variable to determine which zbuffer to use like this: if (zbuf_flag) { zbuf_format=1; } else { lpD3D->EnumZBufferFormats(IID_IDirect3DHALDevice, EnumZBufferFormatsCallback, (VOID*)&m_ddpfZBuffer ); if (zbuf_flag) { zbuf_format=2; } else { . . . } // Enumerate the ZBuffer HRESULT WINAPI C3DMesh::EnumZBufferFormatsCallback( DDPIXELFORMAT* ddpf, VOID* pddpfDesired ) { // If parameters == NULL, don''t enumerate more if( NULL==pddpf || NULL==pddpfDesired ) return D3DENUMRET_CANCEL; // If the current pixel format''s match the desired ones (DDPF_ZBUFFER and // possibly DDPF_STENCILBUFFER), lets copy it and return. This function is // not accepts the first valid format that comes along. if( pddpf->dwFlags == ((DDPIXELFORMAT*)pddpfDesired)->dwFlags ) { memcpy( pddpfDesired, pddpf, sizeof(DDPIXELFORMAT) ); // Set flag to TRUE, since we got a valid z-buffer format. zbuf_flag=TRUE; return D3DENUMRET_CANCEL; } return D3DENUMRET_OK; }

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