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Macros in VC++

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I am converting some of my MASM code into VC++ inline assembly, and i am converting my MASM Macros to VC++ macros, which for the most part sholdn''t be that involved of a task. in any case i am getting random errors, and i don''t know why, Here is the code #define Flags2al push eax \ push edx \ push ebx \ mov edx,DWORD ptr [cpu6502.nzflags] \ xor eax, eax \ xor ebx, ebx \ or ah, 0FFh \ test dl,dl \ -> setz bl \ sets bh \ shl bl, 1 /* z = bit 1*/ \ ror bh, 1 .. rest omitted because it has no effect on the error i get an error of error C2146: syntax error : missing '';'' before identifier ''bl'' error C2501: ''setz'' : missing storage-class or type specifiers sometimes when i change things around i get the error on the line before... (although not predictably) well. it can''t be a code error because it is a macro and it sn''t evaluating the code yet, just the validity of the macro... any one have any ideas? ThanX RanXacT

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