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Version/Source Control Software(free?)

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Ok, I really need some version control software. I''m in favor of open source, but the only servers I have access to are Windows machines, and I''ve tried setting up a CVS server under Win32 and it just didn''t work(don''t ask why, if I knew, I wouldn''t be posting this). Anyway, I''ve looked around and found lots of solutions, but they all want money(like upwards of $500 for the number seats I need).

I like to run my software development on the cheap, but I don''t buy into piracy. If I were making decent money, I would just buy SourceSafe and be done with it. So does anyone know of any free version/source control software for Windows?

If no one can find any, I''m game for writing some myself and release free. I''m not talking a lot of features here, just login verification, different access groups, modules/files check out/in. No diffing old copies, just plain backups(or overwrite may be simple enough).

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