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Terrain texturing

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I know this has been done heaps before but im still looking to ideas. Basically what im looking for is a good way to do terrain texturing that will work on the lower end video cards and also look better on hi end video cards. For the better cards im after hi res texturing. Is it possiable to blend 4 textures run time and still maintain a good frame rate but if i do that how do i do it on lower end video cards that only support 2 texture stages. another idea is to let each landscape patch have its own unique hires texture that can get scalled back depending on the power of the video card. With this idea in the landscape editor you would virtually have to paint onto the landscape as you form it. I have already done this with an older version of the landscape using detail textures. but id rather not use detail textures so i can use the second texture stage for decal effects. The only problem with this method is that rather large landscapes will require a shit load of memory for textures. And ideas on thes ideas or new ideas you people have would be great. Also if any one wants my old landscape engine just ask im thinking of making it open source for newbe''s to learn off

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Im assuming low end video card means low end computer so id rather do it in one pass

well if you only want to do it in 1-pass then you''re gonna only be using 2 stages.. If the hardware tells you it only supports something to a certain degree, you can''t really disagree/override it


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