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2d game

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I am writing a 2d shooter. I want one of the bad guys to move in a circle. Has anyone got a function to track the x and y coordinates. Thanks Also the faster the code the better!!

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Could you give us more information? What do you mean by "function to track the x and y coordinates"? What is this 2d shooter like, is it sth like Raptor (view from above) or Defender (right side scrolling).
Explain better so we can help you :-/

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well, given an angular velocity (how fast they follow the circle)...

angle += angular_velocity * dt;
x = circle_centre_x + circle_radius_x * cos(angle);
y = circle_centre_y + circle_radius_y * sin(angle);

dt being the time elapsed since last position update, or a fixed time, like (1.0f / 60.0f), 60 being equivalent to 60 fps.

you can move the circle_centre, and change the circle_radius, to make the enemy ships circle move and change shape. having a different radius along x and y will make them follow an ellipsoid. You can make the circle pulse that way, and make the circle bounce or follow an ellipsoid.

angle will also be a parameter for every ship, like x and y.

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