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Conditional assignment ?:

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I''m just wondering if anyone ever uses this conditional assignment. I just learned about it today and want to know if it is ever used in complex programs.

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It''s a convenient replacement for a single if/else statement.
The real point is that it returns a value, while if/else doesn''t (directly).
I do use it extensively in my programs, I''m sure many do.


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Guest Anonymous Poster
Some company uses it.. some don''t... Just remember what it does in case you see it in the code.. Personally I don''t use it.. but that''s just me.. I am pretty sure the equilvanlency if statement is just as good as ?: in terms of performance.

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the only time I use it is to replace statements like this


with something like this

y = somecondition ? something : somethingelse;

you can definately get carried away with the conditional, but in this case, I think it''s justified.

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Guest Anonymous Poster
It''s conditional expression or sometimes the ternary operator, not conditional assignment. You don''t need to assign it''s result.

foo(x < y ? 5 : 0);

I use it when the whole expression will still be sufficiently short.

It can also be used on left side of assignments, like this:

int x=0, y=0;
(true ? x : y) = 4; //set value of x
(false ? x : y) = 5; //set value of y
cout << x << " " << y << endl; //prints 4 5

But I have never seen this form used in real code.

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You can use it in initializer lists, which is kind of cool. I saw that on here about two weeks ago or so.

edit: man I am tired.

[edited by - antareus on January 4, 2004 3:46:36 PM]

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// select array where we will perform search

const DXDeviceState *pSearchState =
(type == EDS_Render) ? m_pRenderStates
: (type == EDS_Sampler) ? m_pSamplerStates
: (type == EDS_Texture) ? m_pTextureStates
: 0;
DWORD dwSearch =
(type == EDS_Render) ? m_dwNumRenderStates
: (type == EDS_Sampler) ? m_dwNumSamplerStates
: (type == EDS_Texture) ? m_dwNumTextureStates
: 0;

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Just some my old code. Damn things actually start to slow you down. Never use that kind of ?:

Here is assembly

1915: // select array where we will perform search

1916: const DXDeviceState *pSearchState =
1917: (type == EDS_Render) ? m_pRenderStates
1918: : (type == EDS_Sampler) ? m_pSamplerStates
1919: : (type == EDS_Texture) ? m_pTextureStates
1920: : 0;
10011A6E cmp dword ptr [type],1
10011A72 jne Engine::CDirect3DEngine::CreateDeviceState+0BDh (10011a82)
10011A74 mov ecx,dword ptr [this]
10011A77 mov edx,dword ptr [ecx+2D4h]
10011A7D mov dword ptr [ebp-38h],edx
10011A80 jmp Engine::CDirect3DEngine::CreateDeviceState+0F8h (10011abd)
10011A82 cmp dword ptr [type],2
10011A86 jne Engine::CDirect3DEngine::CreateDeviceState+0D1h (10011a96)
10011A88 mov eax,dword ptr [this]
10011A8B mov ecx,dword ptr [eax+2D8h]
10011A91 mov dword ptr [ebp-3Ch],ecx
10011A94 jmp Engine::CDirect3DEngine::CreateDeviceState+0F2h (10011ab7)
10011A96 cmp dword ptr [type],3
10011A9A jne Engine::CDirect3DEngine::CreateDeviceState+0E5h (10011aaa)
10011A9C mov edx,dword ptr [this]
10011A9F mov eax,dword ptr [edx+2DCh]
10011AA5 mov dword ptr [ebp-40h],eax
10011AA8 jmp Engine::CDirect3DEngine::CreateDeviceState+0ECh (10011ab1)
10011AAA mov dword ptr [ebp-40h],0
10011AB1 mov ecx,dword ptr [ebp-40h]
10011AB4 mov dword ptr [ebp-3Ch],ecx
10011AB7 mov edx,dword ptr [ebp-3Ch]
10011ABA mov dword ptr [ebp-38h],edx
10011ABD mov eax,dword ptr [ebp-38h]
10011AC0 mov dword ptr [pSearchState],eax
1921: DWORD dwSearch =
1922: (type == EDS_Render) ? m_dwNumRenderStates
1923: : (type == EDS_Sampler) ? m_dwNumSamplerStates
1924: : (type == EDS_Texture) ? m_dwNumTextureStates
1925: : 0;
10011AC3 cmp dword ptr [type],1
10011AC7 jne Engine::CDirect3DEngine::CreateDeviceState+112h (10011ad7)
10011AC9 mov ecx,dword ptr [this]
10011ACC mov edx,dword ptr [ecx+2E0h]
10011AD2 mov dword ptr [ebp-44h],edx
10011AD5 jmp Engine::CDirect3DEngine::CreateDeviceState+14Dh (10011b12)
10011AD7 cmp dword ptr [type],2
10011ADB jne Engine::CDirect3DEngine::CreateDeviceState+126h (10011aeb)
10011ADD mov eax,dword ptr [this]
10011AE0 mov ecx,dword ptr [eax+2E4h]
10011AE6 mov dword ptr [ebp-48h],ecx
10011AE9 jmp Engine::CDirect3DEngine::CreateDeviceState+147h (10011b0c)
10011AEB cmp dword ptr [type],3
10011AEF jne Engine::CDirect3DEngine::CreateDeviceState+13Ah (10011aff)
10011AF1 mov edx,dword ptr [this]
10011AF4 mov eax,dword ptr [edx+2E8h]
10011AFA mov dword ptr [ebp-4Ch],eax
10011AFD jmp Engine::CDirect3DEngine::CreateDeviceState+141h (10011b06)
10011AFF mov dword ptr [ebp-4Ch],0
10011B06 mov ecx,dword ptr [ebp-4Ch]
10011B09 mov dword ptr [ebp-48h],ecx
10011B0C mov edx,dword ptr [ebp-48h]
10011B0F mov dword ptr [ebp-44h],edx
10011B12 mov eax,dword ptr [ebp-44h]
10011B15 mov dword ptr [dwSearch],eax

Nasty ha...

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