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MFC CView window scrolling

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CProgrammer    303
Like the title says. How do I add two scrollbars to my MFC app, at the bottom and right of my CView field. I then want to retrieve position data from these scrollbars. Any ideas? Thanks in advance -CProgrammer

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iNsAn1tY    476
Yeah, there's a couple of ways of doing it:

1. Use CScrollView in place of CView. CScrollView has built-in support for scrolling in a GDI-based application. However, I'm thinking this isn't what you want (I toyed with it for an OpenGL-enabled CView, it didn't work with OpenGL at all), so...

2. You could use the Win32 method, and specify WS_HSCROLL and WS_VSCROLL when the view is created. You'll need to override PreCreateWindow, and modify the style attribute of the CREATESTRUCT that's passed like this: |= WS_HSCROLL | WS_VSCROLL; Then, set up message handlers to catch WM_HSCROLL and WM_VSCROLL messages. You can set the parameters of the scroll bars by using the Win32 scrollbar functions supported by the CView, namely pView->SetScrollRange, pView->SetScrollPos and pView->SetScrollInfo. Hope this helps...

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