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Moving Icons

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A friend asked me if I could make a quick program, and it should be simple enough that I might as well. That is, it should be simple if I can find a way to have a program rearrange icons on the desktop. Is this even possible, or is this functionality reserved for Windows itself? I looked around a bit with IActiveDesktop, which I have used for my own wallpaper changing program, but it seems to be only concerned with wallpaper and "Desktop Items." However, although I cannot seem to find a good definition of "desktop items" it seems not to include normal icons for files, folders, and things of that nature on the desktop. In short, is it possible for a program to rearrange these? If so, how? Thanks in advance! -Arek the Absolute

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Well if I knew what you meant by arrange ..

Well anyway, where is some code that will allow you to use ListView messages to arrange the icons on the desktop.

HWND hwnd = FindWindow("ProgMan", 0);

hwnd = GetWindow(hwnd, GW_CHILD); // skip first child

hwnd = GetWindow(hwnd, GW_CHILD);

char buffer[40];

GetClassName(hwnd, buffer, 39);

if((strcmp(buffer, "SysListView32") == 0))
MessageBox(NULL, "Found Listview", NULL, MB_OK);

SendMessage(hwnd, LVM_ARRANGE, LVA_ALIGNLEFT, 0); //align icons

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