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DX9 - DirectSound DSERR_PRIOLEVELNEEDED while playing

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Has anybody received the DSERR_PRIOLEVELNEEDED error while attempting to play a sound in DirectSound? Reading the docs it says you need to use the SetCooperationLevel, which I do, and put on PRIORITY. I call the Play function with the following parameters: Play(0,0,0); The buffer is built and when doing a GetStatus on it, it returns 0 (no problems). It seems it should work but it doesn''t. I don''t know where to look. I do have DirectShow being used in the project but when I comment out the code which creates the object, the error still happens. So I don''t think its DirectShow conflicting with DirectSound. I turned up the debug info with DirectSound (but it didn''t do anything) either it had nothing to report or didn''t work.

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