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Help needed about how Flash MX works

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Background: Me and some friends are working on a school-project, a small flash game, which is similar to Lemmings but for children 3-6 years. Problem: The game''s performance is bad, and i mean really bad! The game is actually somewhat of a sidescroller and the scrolling, i belive, is what makes the game so slow. The scrolling works like this: Front : Masked area Back : Map that we move in X-axis depending on the main characters position. The scolling is made up of a small equation and the map of 8000 px (yeah, i know...i''ll come to that ) Questions: 1. How does the masking work in flash? I heared somewhere that when flash masks out a part of an image/object it ignores to draw (cull) the part that is outside the masking layer...is this true? 2. About that 8000 px map. The designers say the problems lies in that, that one can NOT have an image with 8000 pxs. The programmers, on the other hand, says that the problem must be elswhere. Scrolling an image consisting of vertex data shouldn''t make such a performance hit like we have... Who is right, and why? 3. We''re running this in 800x600 with full anti-aliasing. Now we have a huge one there, but really...it should not perform this bad on my home computer (which is an average fast one...). However, i tried the alpha-version of the game on an old 400Mhz Laptop, changed to no anti-aliasing and the game was actually playable... Any comments on this? The anti-aliasing should NOT be this demanding, right? I would appreciate any suggestions or/and help i can get with this. The game is supposed to be finished in about 2 weeks, so it''s a little preassure...

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