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Damped Newton's Method, anyone

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Hey, I have implemented the newton-raphson method to solve a nonlinear system of equations in which there exists one solution. It's working but not converging enough. Via searching the 'net, I know there is a Newton-like method called "Damped Newton's Method" or "Regularized Newton". However, every site I have found has confusing documentation. The best I've found thus far is located here: If anyone knows of any good books or websites to check out for improved newton's method (Specifically Damped Newton's) please let me know. Thanks, Pete EDIT: The following books do NOT cover Damped Newton's Method: Numerical Recipes in C by Teukolsky, et. al Differential Equations by Blanchard, et. al Mathematical Methods in the Physical Sciences by M. Boas [edited by - pschmitt on January 6, 2004 1:25:47 PM]

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