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books for newbies?

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Hiya, I have been lurking around these forums the last few days because I have decided to start to learn c++. I downloaded the bloodshed compiler and tomorrow ill be going to get some tutorial books and I was hoping that you guys here would let me know of the best tutorial books for a newbie like me to get. Any suggestions?.

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"Learn C in 24 hours"
"Mastering Visual C++ 6" (when you''re TOTALLY done with the first one)
"Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus" (for Game programming)

Good luck, and remember, you''re not the first person to have to learn all that stuff!

- DarkMage139
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If I''m not mistaken "Tricks of the Windows Game Programming Gurus" comes with a version of Visual C++ (Introductory or Academic I think). Hey, it''s free with the book, and it''s a nice compiler. The problem is, the book isn''t a good place to start your programming career. But you''re just going to be doing console apps until then, so my advice ( and you know this''ll be good... ), use Bloodshed to and a book to learn C/C++, then, when you need a good compiler, you get it with the "Tricks..." book.

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Just thought i'd chuck this in, for good measure...
You can now get Thinking in C++, Second Edition, by Bruce Eckel (Volume 1) completely free off the internet (it was origionally published earlier this year). I haven't read it yet, (i've downloaded it, somewhere) but hey, it's free
Here's a link

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