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How do i extract/change vertex information in meshes?

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I can load and display meshes pretty easily now, but i want to be able to dynamically change the position and the brightness of each vertex in the model. Does anyone have any information on how this is done?

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Guest Anonymous Poster
check out the ID3DXMesh reference in the SDK

there are methods like GetVertexBuffer() and GetIndexBuffer()

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It's LockVertexBuffer and LockIndexBuffer :-) Just make sure you unlock them (UnlockVertexBuffer/UnlockIndexBuffer) when you're done.

The way you call them would be something like
CUSTOMVERTEX* pVertices; //CUSTOMVERTEX is your own FVF struct
pMesh->LockVertexBuffer(0, (void**)&pVertices);
//pVertices now holds a pointer to all the vertices in pMesh
for(int i=0;iGetNumVertices();i++) //Loop through each vertex
pVertices[i+0].position += D3DXVECTOR3(rand()/32768.0f - 0.5f, rand()/32768.0f - 0.5f, rand()/32768.0f - 0.5f);
//Add a random vector with components between -0.5 and 0.5 to each vertex

Obviously this will just randomly move and deform the mesh. You get the idea though (I hope). LockVertexBuffer just loads the vertices into the pVertices argument and allows for read/write access to the buffer. Again, make sure you unlock or your app won't be happy.

Edit: changed the i to i+0 because it was giving me italics

[edited by - ms291052 on January 6, 2004 7:44:48 PM]

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