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What degree for game developing?

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Scarto    122
I''m currently a computer engineering major, but I was thinking of switching into comp. science, which would be a huge pain, but I am pretty interested in game design/programming. Should I switch into computer science or would I be able to make it with a computer engineering degree?

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TechnoGoth    2937
Most game development companies are less interested in your degree and more interested in what parctical experince you have. How many years you''ve been working in the industry, what you''ve been doing, and a portfolio helps.

All though if take a look at few sites you notice that mainly what game companies want is modeliers and texture artists.

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_vizual_    122
a degree in mathematics is always useful

I initially enrolled into Comp. Sci in university, but after my second year I felt I wasn't really learning anything as far as applied programming goes that I couldn't teach myself.

Hence I switched over to mathematics. Very glad I did. Working in IT presently and doing graphics stuff as a hobby. I find it much easier though learning graphics programming with my mathematics background now

If I get really bored in programming, I might just go back and do a masters in Math Finance and switch careers entirely.

Time will tell

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