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VS 6.0 Install Error Please Help

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Glass_Knife    8636
For whatever reason, my VS 6.0 crashed and gave me an error message that said I need to reinstall. I didn''t really mind, because it has been acting funny for some time now, and I figured reinstalling it would fix the problems. So I uninstalled everything. Now I am going to reinstall, and I get an error message that says a version of Visual Studio 6.0 has been found, and neither program may work if I install it again. I looked in the registry, and there is all kinds of VS6.0 stuff in there, which is what I think the problem is. But I''ve never messed with the registry before, and before I go deleting stuff I thought I should ask, because I know if the registry gets messed up, I''ve got trouble. I have Visual Studio 6.0 Pro OS is Windows 2000 pro My questions... 1. Am I right in thinking that the reason my computer thinks I''ve already got VS 6.0 installed is because there is stuff in the registry, even though I''ve uninstalled the program. 2. Since I''ve unistalled the program, is there any harm in deleting all the stuff in the registry that has to do with Visual studio? I found one place refering to all the files, and another that maps the default path for new projects. 3. Is there a good free program that could help with this? Thanks in advance... Tim Glass_Knife I think, therfore I am. I think?

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