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I use Direct3D Retained Mode. If you still reading, maybe you can help me with a problem. I can´t figure out why I can´t change the texture quality for the device. It´s no diffrence between linear and linear-mip-linear filter! I have done a small test program to see the diffrece (many small textured quads building up a big floor) and I can see no diffrence between the filters. Here is the function call to set texture quilty: LPDIRECT3DRMDEVICE->SetTextureQuality(Flag) And here is the diffrent filter flags: Flag = D3DRMTEXTURE_NEAREST | D3DRMTEXTURE_LINEAR | D3DRMTEXTURE_MIPNEAREST | D3DRMTEXTURE_MIPLINEAR | D3DRMTEXTURE_LINEARMIPNEAREST | D3DRMTEXTURE_LINEARMIPLINEAR. Thanks, Gandalf the White
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