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Projection Matrix

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What does everyone use for their projection matrix? I have a problem and I''m not sure if it''s due to the projection matrix or not. When I draw a simple square on the ''floor'' of my 3d world all is good. But when I move around the square in a circle, it squashes together and stretches out, like at one point it will look twice as long as it is wide, and then at another point it will look twice as wide as it is long, then at another place it will look ''normal''. It does this a lot more when using a fov of 90 (it''s currently using fov 60). If you want to, check my prog. out at : It''s 199k Keys: Mouse - Change look direction RButton - Move forward A - Strafe left D - Strafe right S - Move backwards Alt-F4 - Exit

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