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a sql question

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I have these 2 tables STUDYCENTRE studycentrecode studycentrename TEACHER teachercode teachername studycentrename coursecode and i want for every studycentre the studycentrecode, the number of teachers and that number is descending order. Can you people help me with the sql statement? thanx in advance

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SELECT StudyCentre.studycentrecode, StudyCentre.studycentrename, count(teachercode) as Teachers
FROM StudyCentre
INNER JOIN Teacher ON StudyCentre.studycentrename = Teacher.studycentrename
GROUP BY StudyCentre.studycentrecode, StudyCentre.studycentrename
ORDER BY count(teachercode) desc
Disclaimer, I can''t remember off the top of my head of the order by comes before the group by or the other way around. Try both ways if it errors.

Also, just a note, I''d suggest using the studycentrecode as the foreign key in the Teacher table as opposed to the studycentrename (assuming the studycentrecode is the primary key).

Hope that helps,

Joel Martinez

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Which forum should i post it. I know here are a lot of clever guys.

I have
SELECT STUDYCENTRE.studycentrecode, COUNT (Teacher.Teachercode)

but i know this is the wrong way

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