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History Builder

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The post by senshi reminds me of an idea I would like to hear about. It consists in building my world ( another rpg game ) from nothing. I would create a map, place resources on it and build an evolution scenario from it. Then i would add specific events like bad recolts wich would include starvation ( heu famine in french ), a poetic lovestory... Each events would become legendary mythical or whatever during the next generations. History and people could travel from zones to zones of course. The next part would be to select the period to play and refine it. This way I could use a coherent world whose economics wouldnt be made on goblins hide Well what do you people think of my idea ? ( and dont tell me i am overambitious, i know it already :-) )

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And you post reminds me of the "Creating a Role" thread.
I on''t post my answer again, it was very long, but since you are french, do you know Simulacres RPG ? It spawned different background universe, each with a little character creation system; there was the Pirates, the Cyberpunk, even Med-Fan with Sangdragon.
My idea is that they created those story generator by obseving significant events in the life of a person, in terms of dramatic effect, and game effects as well (give skills/disadvantages, related NPC, material benefits, etc...)
If you study a country you might discover that the same idea is appliable ?
A country can be defined by it''s position in the world, it defines the climate. The geography of the country will create situation. For example, France is a crossroad in Europe, hence got invaded by all sides, Arabs, Huns, Goths, Romans, English, Normans. Each invasion bringing in new things to our civilisation
Arabs brought the algebra, medecine, astronomy as well (if I remember correctly) Romans brought ..mmmh.. roads, law system, stuff like that. English ? errrr. Dunno. But you get the idea

ANyway, I''d love to see other ideas on that one !

youpla :-P

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I jsut saw this article about town creation, I think you could apply the same methods to create a country ..



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What i would like to do is build this kind of dramatical or oniric :-) event driven scenario but in a time based world evlution. I would build a simulation of the world evolution from the first hunter wandering the wds to the big city located where three major merchants roads crosses one antother.

ex :
- hunter
- nomadic herdsmen
- farmers and miners
- little farming village
- fortification of the village due to increase of banditism. Begining of a social structure with people paid to protect the others
- discovery of a mine in the mountains give second village with a road between the two villages. The Protectors become the local landlords, an aristocracy emerges
- villages become towns, needs more farmers.

This way my world would have logical economics, myths would emerge about this guard wich alone protected the village against this band of raiders ...

I could put specific events at any time in the evolution of the world using a slider to move forth and back in its history.

Then I would made a capture of the world state at a particular moment to implement it in my game, refining it to my needs.


Sorry i hadnt seen your second post yet.

This is much or less what i intend to do but I would like to let the NPC decide where they would inhabit and what trades are needed so that perhaps the fifth son of a farmer will start a blacksmith career.

Merchants and travellers would need road and so on until big towns...

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Wow, I actually inspired someone (or at least I like to think I did )

Anyway, It sounds like a great idea. The only thing I wonder is: how does the game know what are major events which should be recorded, and which ones are small ones? For example, Bobo getting the flu shouldn''t go down in legend .

Whenever I see an old lady slip and fall on a wet sidewalk, my first instinct is to laugh. But then I think, what if I was an ant and she fell on me? Then it wouldn't seem quite so funny.

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