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Making things big

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I''m working on a 3D demo which features a space sequence. I want it to feature a huge area of space (hundreds of scale kilometres) with some enormous ships and space stations (the biggest being ten scale kilometres in diameter), but with some smaller ships being tiny, of the order of a few scale metres in length. You have to be able to see everything - no fogging. Viewed from a long way away, the small ships might just be pixels, but the big ones are still visible. The biggest problem I have with this is the z-buffer. If I make the z-buffer as big as the arena, I get z-fighting everywhere because the z-buffer resolution isn''t that good. If I make the z-buffer range smaller so that it works well for the smaller ships, things go a bit odd at longer distances, especially when I''m close to a large ship and look down its length: things are fine up close, but go a bit screwy far away, especially if it''s not convex, or if there are other ships nearby. I don''t particularly want to increase my z-buffer size to 32-bits if possible. Although the scale''s pretty big, it doesn''t throw an exceptional number of polygons around. I''d like it to work on lower end graphics cards. What I''d like is a more elegant solution that doesn''t strain the z-buffer too hard. Any ideas are most welcome. Thanks [teamonkey]

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Original post by honayboyz
Draw your far ships, clear the buffer, draw your close ships.

I figured I''d need to do that. How do I deal with massive ships that are both "far" and "near"?


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